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Beginner's 8-week Series

A series of 8 classes taught weekly to build on your knowledge base. This course is designed for people new to Yoga, or anyone wishing to revisit the foundations of their movement patterns and find safe and easeful ways to move in Yoga classes and in daily life

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A slower, floor-based class focusing on releasing connective tissue. Helps to improve joint mobility, circulation, flexibility and reduce stress and anxiety. Suitable for all levels.


Focuses on functional strength and alignment, requiring you to build on your internal forces and focus. To balance your body systems, you will finish by unwinding into restorative poses.


A gentle and deep yoga class with an emphasis on harmonizing your inner and outer worlds through supported stretching and connection to the breath.
This class is open to adults of all abilities with an aim to bring about a sense of body awareness and relaxation.


Perfect for those new to yoga or those wanting to return from injury or if you would just like to learn more about the practice and focus on technique. This is a workshop-style class that breaks poses and exercises down to help you move well and feel better.


After an initial warm up and inquiry, you will be led through a series of Vinyasa movements, being always gently encouraged to follow your own body's pace, breath and limitations. This flow sequence is designed to intelligently and gently open your body so that you feel more freedom and ease in your movement.


Bring balance and wellness to the body, mind and soul.
Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, an ancient healing system for the whole body. Join us for yoga, meditation and breathing exercises and to learn more about Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle practices to bring about holistic health and whole-of-self wellbeing.
All abilities and experience welcome - please be in touch if you have any questions about your participation.


This class is for anyone of any age or fitness looking to improve their wellbeing in mind and body. The matwork exercises are performed with deliberate control allowing the participants to pay full attention to their body and movement patterns in various planes of functional movement


A donation-only class open to everyone. All proceeds go to our charity of the month.

Image by Pat Whelen