This is a little about the people who love teaching YOU! Ask them more about themselves



Founder of Anglesea Yoga

Jade wholeheartedly believes that Yoga is inclusive and accessible for everyBODY. She offers a practice which is achievable, enjoyable and authentic; the benefits of which are felt on and off the Yoga matt. Jade weaves her insights in a way that is true to her own experience, and her invitation is for her students to do the same. She enjoys creating a fun and friendly space where people can slow down and connect with their own body.
Jade trained in India 9 years ago, and admits that it was the beginning of lifelong about Yoga. She is also currently training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which will lead to her offering trauma-informed Yoga practice in the future.


Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner

Alicia is a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and holistic health consultant with training and experience gained from a range of disciplines and styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pre + Post Natal Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, empowerment coaching and circle facilitation. She is a mama to two beautiful souls, a lover of nature and a passionate vegetable grower.
Alongside her yoga and wellbeing work, Ali has over 15 years experience developing and facilitating personal + leadership development programs within the not for profit community and environment sector, where she has worked with some of Australia’s leading social change organisations. Through her business Liminal Life, Ali is now combining both of these passions. “I am passionate about assisting others to transform their own lives so they can live out their true potential and in so doing, positively impact the lives of those around them.”



Yoga Teacher

For over 20 years Evelyn has facilitated groups within the community. Her career began at the Victorian College of the Arts where she trained in Dance and subsequently continued to become a qualified Dance Movement Therapist [IDTIA].Evelyn has also studied Yoga at the Byron Yoga School and has completed Reiki levels 1 and 2. Evelyn has been a 5Rhythms Sweat Spaceholder since 2015 and a Certified 5Rhythms Teacher since 2018 and has been offering 5Rhythms to the Surf Coast and Melbourne communities since 2016. Evelyn taught yoga at the Anglesea Community House for over 5 years.
Bringing people together to grow and learn through a sensory body experience is one of Evelyn's passions.


Functional Movement Guru

With a whopping 27 years experience in the group fitness and functional movement space, Jane is a wealth of knowledge. She is passionate about functional movement. She teaches using core and strengthening exercises, mobility, balance, flexibility and breathwork in a mindful controlled format, barefoot. The classes are freestyle with loads of variety but encourage participants to work at their own pace at a level that suits their body’s ability. Jane is also an experienced (and very popular!) massage therapist, who has more recently been trained in mindfulness and meditation. She now incorporates these themes into her classes

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Yoga Teacher and Osteopath

As a passionate and holistic osteopath, Jess knows and understands the body on a deep level, not only from her decade of experience treating bodies but from her own personal Yoga and Pilates practice. Jess has the rare combination of theoretical anatomical knowledge and a true felt sense of movement principles in her own body. She has a profound respect for the ancient Yogic wisdom stemming from her own transformative experience with Yoga many years ago. And, as a busy mum with 2 young children, she fully appreciates the challenges many of us face to stay grounded and present in our busy, modern day world. She is full of vitality, passionate about wellbeing and she just loves to teach! (need more about years experience teaching)...


Pilates and Functional Movement teacher

Meet Lina... she's passionate about health and wellbeing through movement and exercise and she loves the safe approach Pilates provides to building functional fitness. 
Lina has been involved in fitness and wellbeing space for 35 years and 10 years ago, she completed her training (in____ focusing on strength and endurance). It wasn't until a bushwalking accident some 8 years ago when she found Pilates as her path to healing. She fell in love with Pilates and completed her training in 2015.



Yoga and Pilates Teacher

Ever since her first yoga class in her early 20s she knew she would become a teacher and share yoga with the world. Pilates and Barre on the other hand terrified her - that burn was INTENSE!!!  Fast forward through almost 15 years of self practice, lots of encouraging conversations, lots of self doubt and a few teacher trainings later and she could not imagine her life without Yoga, Pilates or Barre


Yoga Teacher

WIth 16 years of personal practice, and over 4 years of teaching experience, Aleijsa is a dedicated teacher who practices what she teaches in daily life. She's worked in corporate settings as well as volunteering and philanthropic arenas. She is passionate about making Yoga inclusive and accessible to all. She truly honours the origin of the Yogic tradition, it's cultural roots, while remaining authentic to herself and grounded in the present day cultural context



Meditation Teacher

Founder of Divine Horizons, Bindy is a Nutritionist, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Crystal Sound Bowl Practitioner and Pallowah Healer.
Bindy has been practicing Meditation and Mindfulness since 2008 and is continually developing her professional skills in this field with ongoing studies to enhance her teaching capabilities.
Bindy provides a safe, welcoming space where all levels are nurtured. 
By attending these classes, you will be gently guided in breath work, relaxation and awareness meditations, and also be provided with tools to apply mindfulness within your daily life.